How less is more

11-Nov-2012 In one of those interesting conversations about life and its great nuggets of wisdom, a friend of mine casually asked me one day - How much more is less when it comes to measuring happiness? While I try in my best capacity to answer this interesting question, I find it more fulfilling to answer it the other way around - how much less is more? Honestly it is 'too little' that proves to be 'a lot' to keep ones life on top of the world. I bet all of us would have come across or will come across that bit at least once in our lives. The discovery might ask you to take a walk down the memory lane or look around wide enough in your present or in your vision of the future. Worth a walk though! Keeping the greater number (which most of us fall into) aside, there are people for whom a shared smile served with a cup of coffee is just sufficient to call it a fulfilled life. For some others, their innate anxieties fuming out of the kitchen chimney is

A Beautiful Necklace

We were on a ferry from Gateway of India to Elephanta Caves , the sea was sounding solemn like the lines "miles to go before I sleep.....". My elder sister Swati, her husband Harish. our mom and I, all four of us were busy weaving a massive net of thoughts interlocking with each other at some place or the other, consciously avoiding to exchange glances and failing in attempt multiple times, followed by an instantly baked smile that said “darn! I just missed a knot in my net”. There was more in our collective minds than the waves of the ocean we were now part of…..hoping not to see a droplet in anyone’s eyes was the abrupt wish we were constantly making in tandem. I witnessed for the first time that an ocean could reflect so deep on our lives, until this time I always thought ocean is either about the pleasure of sailing through or the fear of drowning down, there is so much in between the two that I was unaware of– a thrilling ride of hopes, negations, affirmations, wishe

Egghead to Godhead

As the iron wheels of my favorite transport modality gains momentum, vibrating both the material surroundings and the immaterial me, I get caught by a conversation about God and his existence. Some said he is a belief, some said there is no God, some said I am God and some comments for God’s sake! I was listening to the masses and their views as I have always loved to. I have no Brahma Gyaana to help finding the truth either, but I have an aware mind that likes to attempt understanding what it may mean having it. A person wrapped in a thick safari suit scoring high on breaking betel nuts sounded sorry to give up on God stating “It’s an utter waste of life living in a country that only makes a man suffer on the name of human values. If god was existent he wouldn’t have let the men suffer, so all that matters is the survival of the fittest in a world of burglary, corruption, power, politics, dishonor and diseases. God has probably taken a shift to a much cooler pl

Across the glass wall

It was a usual corporate conference room I was asked to wait in. Looking much familiar it had a white board scrapped with a lot of curly lines and figures, supposedly some important notes....hopefully understandable to those they were written for, my favorite markers, a big rectangular table surrounded by a dozen movable chairs, a phone that has hardly experienced ringing as half its life has passed dialing other phones over the walls and overseas. I widened my glance to a full square view and fitting to my mental frame was a glass wall.....a wall that I could see through. Though the view was mundane the different thing about that was the spot it was being looked from, this spot is the place I am standing at the glass wall that echos a lot about the place it surrounds and can barely hear the world outside. I walk up to the wall and look through it, branches and leaves of the mango tree were as closely reachable as the thickness of the glass wall, I attempted to

Find your TEE at your Workplace

TEE as I call it, expands for Transactional and Emotional Engagement of employees in an organization. I recently got a chance to read the Employee Engagement 2.0 by Kevin Kruse, author of NY Times bestseller, WE: HOW TO INCREASE PERFORMANCE AND PROFITS THROUGH FULL ENGAGEMENT . I have to sincerely thank Kevin for being extremely kind and personally sending me the PDF copy of this book to me.  While I highly recommend all the managers, those who report to them and those in the lines of becoming managers, to read this book as the first check item before stepping into your people management career, for those who want to chew it quick I am glad to point you to What is Employee Engagement and for those who are curious to know what makes me so highly appreciate this read - It’s the following five lines of thoughts I take the liberty to do a ctrlC+ctrlV from the book, A simpler way to think about Employee Engagement is this: Culture always trumps strategy. To win in the ma

Technology in Special Education – The CrossRoads

One of my favorite subjects for talk these days, It is not this morning that the world woke up to the role of technology in education, yet it remains the matter of arguments, discussions and disagreements. Education paves the way for technology and then we wonder and worry about validating the payback role of technology in education. I came across a study published by the U.S. Department of Education on Technology’s Role in Education based on the ‘ Findings from a National Study of Innovating Schools’ While the study says that “Technology is not an easy route to transforming schools, but it definitely is an exciting one.” It also talks about how the use of technology in education is impacting the ecosystem that the educational institutions have built over the years, · Adding to the students’ perception that their work is authentic and important. · With a simple approach increasing the complexity with which students can deal successfully. · Dramatically enhancing stude

Asha – A Hope to Fly

21-June-2012 I was taking strides to my mission of this year, I am a technology volunteer for ASHA - Academy for Severe Handicaps & Autistic. I am working with Bhavna, Shashank, Sunny, Vamsi, Jansi, Tanu, Raju, Emil, Satwik, Manav and Vedas and 80+ other students who make this school a home of their imaginations. These children are as normal human beings as you and me are. They have got their share of excitement, love, pleasure, inquisitiveness, agreements and disagreements like you and me. So what if they don’t communicate like us, they have their own unique ways of expressing themselves which is often termed and perceived as ‘difficult’. I beg to differ though. These children exhibit a group of developmental brain disorders, collectively called as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The term "spectrum" refers to the wide range of symptoms, skills, and levels of impairment, or disability, that children with ASD can exhibit. Some children are mildly impaired by