Saturday, September 8, 2012

Egghead to Godhead

As the iron wheels of my favorite transport modality gains momentum, vibrating both the material surroundings and the immaterial me, I get caught by a conversation about God and his existence. Some said he is a belief, some said there is no God, some said I am God and some comments for God’s sake!

I was listening to the masses and their views as I have always loved to. I have no Brahma Gyaana to help finding the truth either, but I have an aware mind that likes to attempt understanding what it may mean having it. A person wrapped in a thick safari suit scoring high on breaking betel nuts sounded sorry to give up on God stating “It’s an utter waste of life living in a country that only makes a man suffer on the name of human values. If god was existent he wouldn’t have let the men suffer, so all that matters is the survival of the fittest in a world of burglary, corruption, power, politics, dishonor and diseases. God has probably taken a shift to a much cooler place.” Another gentleman interrupted saying God is omnipresent constantly carving his creations. I imagined myself being part of this conversation (which the transient me were already) and heard a voice adding, for those who believe in God and wonder about his whereabouts, he has no nationality in case if some believe a country as the God’s only country, God is right here without a passport and visa and in all probability smiling at our discussion. 

It takes me on a tour of remembrance, knowledge and forgetfulness to help outline this conversation. God for who and what he is, gives us a chance - if we want god he gives us a chance to have him, if we don’t want to believe in him, he gives us a chance to un acknowledge his existence, if we want to lead a life forgetting God he gives us a chance to forget him. So it’s all about what you want to call before getting a chance to hear ‘be it so’. (Reference from Matchless Gift by ISKCON Center)

Among the different mental and behavioral patterns, there’s a commonality that keeps all human entities in either of two groups. The line of differentiator is the effort of proving a point that says I don’t care and another that says I still care for those who don’t care. I call the first group as Egghead and the second as Godhead. IQ is the mantra for the first and actually for the second as well, except for what translates to Intelligence Quotient for first becomes Integrity Quotient for latter.

Understanding the quotients, what promises to help you through a mentally exhausting day is Intelligence quotient but what concludes the day is the integrity quotient that helps you taking a stand and surviving the storms of ever changing norms. So while the egghead is most commonly available, it’s the sparse godhead that is balancing the terms of our existence. 
In the world of egghead people not for the loss of hair but for the loss of sanity-integrity-simplicity and abundance of borrowed complexity, it becomes unavoidable to hear ‘what the hell’ every time the egg crashes in boil or breaks to have the chickens celebrate their liberation. While a part of human race keep denying the God and his world, the godhead people like following their good 'Vaishnav dharma', keep trying to deploy the seeds of sanity in eggheads. Be it intellect or super select, the law of nature advocates continuous evolution and no natural existence could defy that. So sooner they understand the need to evolve, the better is that for the world we live in, eggs must be allowed to evolve in chicken and Godhead are made to vouch for this evolution.

Egghead commands the rain in vain, damn! stop the cats & dogs falling off the roof, I want to reach home safe in time, while the godhead says....I am safe everywhere it rains a pound of bliss, so continue raining, I enjoy walking with you.

Standing at the horizon the egghead says, alas! it’s the end of the world while the godhead smiles welcoming the beginning of a new world, a beautiful extension of the one he belongs to. 

As to the question of transition from egg to god head, it is in dear subject to the liberation of chicken and the willingness of egg to allow this liberation.

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  1. Nice post ! I am on your side of the Godhead.. but this tells me that I have been sounding like egghead with "I don't care" attitude not towards GOD but towards the other eggheads around !! :D